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Spa Day Packages

Urban Day retreats for the ultimate wellness experience and self care.

Day Retreats at Laya

Come and stay with us for a day of relaxation and holistic healing. All of our Day Retreats incorporate the well-rounded healing structure that is a new staple of the Spa Experience!  We want to change your idea of what that experience should involve. Leave feeling connected with your higher self, knowing that you did something good for your soul! Contact us here or call us at 816.912.3258 for one of these retreats or to customize your day! You may also click the amount to pay for the Retreat, then click the button at bottom of the page to schedule.

Bringing your significant other or Bestie in for a day retreat? Check out our Couples & Besties category for amazing wellness you could do together. Click here!

Relax Day Retreat

RELAX $220

Relaxation Journey to Self: Self-Guided meditation in our Nature Room, Healing Massage with Cranial release or Herbal Steam Bath, and Custom Plant Facial.

Restore Day retreat


Light Spa Detox:  Cryotherapy, Halotherapy, Massage w/ Himalayan Stones, and Dry-brushing.

rejuvenate day retreat


Ultimate Spa Detox: Whole Body Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Detoxifying Massage, & Body wrap w/ Steam Canopy.

refocus day retreat


Increase energy and endurance with this package. Enjoy Cryotherapy followed by a 2 hour massage and then Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Your body is revitalized! Compare to a full day of rest.



Bring your bestie, daughter, or mother and enjoy a day of wellness together. You will each go through an invigorating, yet grounding experience.Start with Cryotherapy. Move on to your massage followed by a Sauna sesh and then Yoni Steam.


The ultimate day of wellness for women.

We incorporate Ayurveda (Panchakarma) for digestive health, strength, and detoxification. Start in Halotherapy to prepare your body. This mineral soak and oxygenation of the skin opens up the ability to absorb the medicinal oils and promote overall wellness. Next, enjoy an oil pulling experience during Abhyanga... focusing on Marma points to open the channels, cleanse, nurture, nourish, and stabilize the systems. After your Abhyanga massage a steam canopy will be placed over your body for Svedana to further stimulate the body and draw out impurities. After the Panchakarma is done, you will move into outter beauty. Your phytofacial includes herbal steaming and facial yoga (the technique of toning the face through touch). Ground and connect with your sacred space during the last phase of your day. Indulge in a Yoni Steaming practice. Heal, revitalize, and restore!