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Herbal School

The only Herbal School in Downtown KC, inside this holistic spa focuses on integrated natural medicine and naturopathic wellness.

So you want to be an Herbalist?

herb school in kansas city

Celebrating 25 Years of Herbal Education in the Heartland...

Our Herbalism Program, in partnership with PrairieWise Herbal School, focuses on integrated herbalism and hands-on herbal and plant spirit medicine, including plant chromatics.  The school offers practical everyday uses for plant remedies.  This year PrairieWise will incorporate some new experiences and dive deep into the association of Nature and the Human.

To truly know a plant, we must be in relationship with the plant and the planet that brought this life into existence.  The plant will tell us how to use it for food,  medicine and reconnection.  Within the school we explore the essence of the plant from  integrated  viewpoints including shamanic studies, scientific research, folkloric uses, eclectic medicine, modern western herbalism and plant chromatics.


“Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life.
— T.A. Edison
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Plant Immersion

: Year 1 Apprenticeship Program

2020 Signups open now!

$3000 (paid in full) or $500 (2 mos) initial deposit & $250 per month (for 10 months)

+ cost of books & supplies.

Meets every other Sunday from 9a - 4p

Official schedule here!

Email us to inquire!


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Body Immersion: Year 2 Herbal Program

formularies, chemistry, and Materia medica

Prerequisite: Plant Immersion Apprenticeship (Year 1)

Official Class Schedule for year 2 here.

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You are strongly encouraged to begin in January and take each month's classes through December, however you can enroll and extend through the next year's program for classes missed.  This provides you the maximum benefit of seeing the plants throughout 4-seasons in their fullness of bloom and in their dormancy.  The course is designed to be taken through the full year.

This course includes the basics of Herbalism and an understanding of how the body works.  It allows you to explore on your own and in a class environment.  You will experience growing techniques, wild-crafting, research and development, medicine making and other related activities that will help you become a well-rounded, informed and active herbalist.


Guest speakers fees, conferences and field trips are not included in the monthly tuition and must be paid in advance directly to the event organizer prior to the event.

For All Students

Once a course is successfully completed and paid in full, a student can retake the course at any time without further payment.

Most herbal walks will be part of the workshop time but on occasions a special walk may be scheduled. These walks are $15 per person and available to anyone that wishes to attend. School age children are $5.

Growing plants and working within the varied available gardens are a critical part of the learning process.  We will have opportunities to work in several gardens and have various harvest locations. We will also use the classroom Grow Station to start some plants this school year in the spring.


 All deposits are non-refundable. Students that pay in full for course have 3 days to cancel for a full refund minus the non-refundable deposit(s).

Books, tapes, CDs, materials and supplies purchased through PrairieWise Herbal School are non-refundable and must be paid for at the time of purchase.


Educational Environment

 Some classes will be held outdoors so students are expected to bring a comfortable outdoor chair (no chaise lounges), bug repellent (no citronella), reusable water bottle and sunscreen.

All meals at PrairieWise Herbal School are pot luck and communal. Each student is expected to follow the PrairieWise Cooking Instructions available at your first class. Students are encouraged to try new recipes and methods of cooking that differ from their day to day fare.  Each class will discuss allergies and personal preferences.

Please use your time in class to practice healthy eating, drinking and habits so leave sodas, energy drinks and junk snack foods for other times, if needed. First year Apprenticeship Students will also receive a discount for Laya services to serve as a continued health program for those looking to make a transition their lives.



Simply stated our attendance policy is be here, on time. This is a common courtesy that each student is responsible for doing.  Kahla will begin on time and you are expect to be in your seat with your tea and books ready. 

Classes begin promptly and usually go until the scheduled end time. Students are expected to have completed all reading assignments and all homework such as Material Medica. Students are also responsible for printing their class from email, prior to coming to school.  If a student misses 20% all any course, the course must be retaken. There may be times when travel or other circumstances causes a student to take time from work. These situations will be known well in advance and the student is responsible for planning accordingly. Tardiness as a habit will be addressed by the entire class since the entire class is affected.



A leave of absence will be granted to students for problems related to themselves or their immediate family. Students must submit a request to initiate their leave complete with reason and approximate date of return.

Students wish to withdraw from a course program are asked to submit their request in writing. Withdrawing students will receive a refund according to the school’s refund policy. Students that do not communicate their intent to withdraw within 30 days of leaving are not entitled to a refund.



Upon enrollment the student will receive the class workbook (e-Book) via email a book list for registered classes. All reading assignments are included in the course syllabus given at the first class for that course.



PrairieWise Herbal School is committed to supporting its students to the fullest capacity possible and we want you to understand that a serious commitment is required of every student. We deeply believe that adult education is about success. We will work with you to ensure that your herbal education is successful.

Students are evaluated through hands-on demonstration, oral testing and written exams. Students are evaluated on a pass/fail basis. It is understood that using herbal remedies is a individual and unique experience between the herbalist and their client, therefore, a well thought through protocol will be seriously considered even if it is not substantiated by historical knowledge or current literature.

Students are engaged in learning a new set of skills and also encouraged in their self discovery, their relationship with plants and their relationship to the community and the world. Each student is looked upon as an individual, unique with specific needs and talents.