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We are a collective of certified health coaches, counselors, therapeutic professionals and herbalists who have broken the ranks with compliment to health care to take a transformative and personalized approach to medicine.

  • Through an annual membership, our nurses and health coaches take the time to know your employees and their individual stories, working with them in person or virtually as they choose

  • We use decades of combined experience in our respective fields to determine the root cause of what’s bothering them

  • Then, together we curate the best possible wellness, mental health, nutrition and fitness plan for your team. The result is employees that are happy, well and in control of their own health

Good health IS good business.
— Paul Dreschler, Chairman, Bibby Line Group

The Results

  • 60% fewer prescription drugs vs. traditional primary care

  • Less time spent with your traditional GP

  • Less need for IVF and other high cost fertility treatments

  • Fewer visits to specialists like dermatologists, psychologists and gastroenterologists, and urgent care

  • Tens of thousands of dollars saved by stopping unnecessary medications

  • Hundreds of hours back in PTO

Key Benefits

  • Medical costs decrease approximately $3.27 for each $1.00 a business spends on wellness programs (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • Companies with wellness programs see an 8% increase in employee productivity. (Institute for Consumerism)

  • 77% of employees report health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work (Aflac Workforces Report)

The reason lifestyle is such an important issue is 75% of all our chronic diseases are due to lifestyle issues. If you’re really not addressing lifestyle, you’re not going to move the needle in terms of health.
— Dexter Shurney, Chief Medical Director/Executive Director Global Health, Cummins Inc.
Domenico Loia @domenicoloia

Bring Wellness to your Business.

Choose a plan that works!

8 Part Wellness

Each plan includes an individualized plan for Herbalism, Detoxification, Therapeutic Treatments and tracking for

  • Chronic Illness

  • Symptoms

  • Mental Health

  • Fitness

  • Coaching

Wellness in Design

Our team can also bring Wellness in Design to your office spaces. LaToyia is an Interior Designer who has burst on the KC scene as a Commercial Designer who incorporates natural elements and structures of wellness. As living beings, we are our environment.  Design plays a significant role in human health, and the way that we configure and manipulate elements in a space can mean more to its inhabitants than whether they like the color of the walls, or the texture of the carpet.  On the most basic level certain environmental factors have universal effects on all of us – i.e. daylight & circadian rhythm.  In other cases these environmental factors are very personal and specific, based on our genetic wiring.  Genetics set the stage and the environment activates those genes in different ways. 

Our bodies respond to queues in our environment – as our evolutionary responses developed - and much of what is designed today is giving our systems the wrong message.  The most unfortunate thing is that very few organizations and even design professionals recognize the benefits of salutogenic design (designing for wellness).  Salutogenic design isn’t something that’s “cool” or “good for PR”.  It’s a measurable aspect of design that can help a building’s inhabitants operate at their peak of effectiveness, maintaining physical and mental well-bring, actually helping them to lead healthier, and therefore longer lives.  It is the ultimate investment in people, in an architectural sense. 

The way that we design space has a direct impact on physical and mental fatigue, awareness, memory cognition, depression, cardiovascular & musculoskeletal health.  Not enough emphasis is put on designing wellness into a space, and Laya is making a wave by providing that well-rounded viewpoint. Organizations, competing for the brightest hires need to see wellness as a significant benefit to the people they are seeking to recruit and retain.


$159/MO :: 1-200 EMPLOYEES

Membership Benefits

  1. Unlimited Yoga classes

  2. Free Monthly Customized Massage

  3. Access to discounted services list

  4. Access to Partners’ services

Your employees become Laya Members and receive the above monthly perks, plus a consultation with our Holistic Nurse and Wellness Coach. Our team puts together a wellness plan for the employee. This plan is a 1 year plan and is matched by the employer in cost (ex. $12,000 plan = Employee pays $6,000, Employer pays $6,000).


$2500 :: 1-1,000 EMPLOYEES

Educate employees with the latest nutrition guidance specific to common workforce health problems like fatigue, anxiety, and digestive problems. A board-certified RN will present insights, answer questions, and share handouts. Our LPC will be on site to conduct a yoga presentation and give Mindfulness Routines and self care advice. We will provide recipes for “Food is Medicine” series and herbal preparations. If services are requested, they will be an additional fee per person.


  • Three 60-minute on-site and/or live-streamed lunch-and-learn workshops with Laya Team of health professionals.

  • Participants receive a personal functional health score and guide to using food as medicine.


$599/mo :: 1-50 EMPLOYEES

One full year with access to Membership Benefits.

8 Part Wellness

Each plan includes an individualized plan for detoxification and tracking for mental health, fitness, herbalism, therapeutic treatments, mindfulness, and coaching.

Wellness UpdateS

Our team of professionals will work together to make sure your treatments are optimal to your wellness and make adjustments throughout your care plan.

Wellness Visits (more visits may be added at additional cost)

  1. Wellness Coaching - 24 sessions

  2. Counseling - 12 sessions

  3. Herbalism - 4 sessions

Membership Benefits

  1. Unlimited Yoga classes

  2. Free Monthly Customized Massage

  3. Product Allowance

  4. Access to discounted services list

  5. Access to Partners’ services

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