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monthly clinical meditation: a journey to wellness
july 24, 2018 free

Join us as we create space in our monthly meditation session. Enjoy deep conversation, breathing techniques, spiritual counsel, guided meditations, beautiful music and sometimes a little bit of soul! Past topics have included emotional pain as chronic illness, lack of sleep, daily routine, nutrition, and more.



As soon as you step into our space... the relaxing vibes overtake you. We work hard to ensure that this is felt by each client. The nature of our work fills the air with inviting aromas and kind auras. We incorporate a healing aspect to each spa treatment that goes beyond relaxation. From the calming herbal steam facials to medicinal baths and vibrational music, our treatments are sure to have a lasting effect on you mind, body, and spirit. Our services follow Ancient Ayurveda and are fused with integrative technology. Herbalism plays a huge role in the way each treatment is delivered.



Our services are meant to organically detox the whole individual in order to clear blockages, repair and prevent, and relieve pain. This opens up the possibilities of expanding creativity & mental strength, restoring physical abilities and eliminating health concerns. Our therapies work to realign the mind, body, soul and spirit in order to elevate and propel you to your highest potential. Whether you aim to lose weight, control a chronic issue, reconnect the mind and body, or alleviate pain... we have the right combination of services. From athletes to seniors, we take care of them all!

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forest bathing, energy work, vibrations, chakra


Energetic healing therapies for those who strive for longevity and for those challenged with dis-ease; seeking holistic guidance to assist the body to heal. It is important to state that alternative medicine does not replace conventional allopathic philosophy but rather complements it. Integrative medicine combines mainstream medical therapies and complementary alternative medicine therapies together treating the whole person - body, mind, and spirit.


Yoga & Holistic Movement

This is more than yoga... this is Mindful Movement! Our membership based studio combines the connection and mindfulness of yoga with the strength and focus of training, in a holistic environment. Our members get free yoga + a deeply discounted price list for services. In addition to our base classes, the studio is also available for rent.

New classes:

akashic flow on tuesdays

interval yoga on thursdays


Does not apply to Happy Hour Class!



Reserve Your Day Retreat

What you "sense" plays a major part in your well-being! We spend time each day making sure that when you enter our space, you get a good sense of being well. From the "no shoe" environment, to the well thought out scents we burn, and the controlled air in some of our rooms. Each room holds a different temperature, smell, texture, color and ambiance. Experience Wellness Redefined!