The Heart Speaks, the Universe listens.

worm moon

At 4a, she sits under the moonlight. Tonight’s Worm Moon is good for releasing things, they said. She begins to think...

What can I let go of?

There is lots to choose from. She begins by giving thanks to the most high...the creator of all things! She says aloud, "thank you God for the many blessings, the trials, and the favor." She humbly sheds a tear of gratitude as she knows she has grown as a human. She knows that even though the past few years have been filled with hurdles, she has risen and is triumphant. When the heart speaks, the Universe listens. Though most people try to manifest things with their focus and mental capabilities, the real manifestation happens through the heart!

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Chakra Meditation Box available in our store.

Her hand-crafted, geometric stone set sits nearby. She always keeps them close when praying or setting intentions. It is such a sacred set, and the vibes always lift her spirits!

She stares at her altar with candles ablaze, the shadow of her daffodils dancing behind them, and a cross stands boldly among the collection. The cross is surrounded by crystals... her favorite is Lapis Lazuli. It’s rich blue color and gold flecks remind her of the vast world with all its riches. It also reminds her of how small she must be in comparison to it. Though its power makes her feel like she has the whole world clinched in her hand. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, and aids the process of learning. It is excellent for enhancing memory.

She knows that the creator of the universe is responsible for all things. And that these ancient creations hold the memory of times long before ours. As she begins to write, the African drums are playing softly in the background. The sounds awaken something in her that must place her soul in timeless traditions of Afrikaan ancestry. Though in a meditative state, her spirit dances with excitement and glory. She can feel the love in her space and she is connected to its presence. She whispers, "Thank you God." Dipping her feather in Dragon's blood, she begins to write down her affirmations. She refrains from negative words, as the universe only recognizes the intentional words. She never says what she wants, she always claims she has it. Suddenly, she feels a tingle in her right hand and notices a flicker of the candle. She stops to recognize the positive energy surrounding her. Clutching her mala beads and charged stones, she closes her eyes. The scent of the herbs and oils she mixed together is heightened now. The essence of the plants draw her focus in... connecting to nature and all of its glory. “How wonderful my God is!” The old soul in her, the one connected to the beat of the African drum, recognizes the scent of these plants.

They comfort her. They speak to her. They heal her.

She opens her eyes and continues to write. She gets right to the point and lists the things she desires to acquire. If she can write it, she can see it... and if she can see it, it will come. It is the easiest thing to do, and the hardest to maintain. She ends her full moon ceremony with a prayer.


Thank you. I give my hardships to the flame.
The spirit of fire eats my grief and pain.
I pray that these intentions are blessed. As I burn this note, I pray that the words written transcends into the universe, carried by the flames. That the universe recognizes these words and finds me worthy of granting my wishes. That the creator, ruler of all things, continues to bless me. Amen, and so it is.