Honor Who You Are Presently

by Caitlin Njogu, RN & Wellness Coach

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We’re now in the midst of February. Do you remember your New Year’s resolution? Are you still working on them or have they fallen to the wayside? Generally, around this time, we have fallen back into our old habits. Why is this? How does that make you feel? Like you failed? Like you’ll never be able to reach that goal or follow through with that intention you set? Was that goal even yours? Or was it what you “think” you should be doing? Could it possibly be a goal set by society with all of the commercials stating, “If you do this ….., you’ll be a better person! More beautiful! More likable!” You know the ones….

                Making positive changes in our lives is not easy. In fact, it is one of the most difficult things to do. Many times, that difficulty stems from fear and getting out of our comfort zone. But most of all, it’s the mindset that life will drastically change if we lose weight, make more money, become more successful, accumulate more followers, get rid of our wrinkles, etc. Yes, these are all wonderful things if that is what you desire, but you are ENOUGH right at this moment. To truly and consistently work to achieve goals, you must know that you are perfect where you are and you’re practicing self-care by making continuous improvements. If you do not acknowledge this, that is when self-sabotage and fear start to creep in. That is when we “fall off the wagon”. Its ok, we’re human. We’re complex. We all have our pasts, our own insecurities and blocks that inhibit us from being the best versions of ourselves.

                So, let’s take a moment and think about how you can start to love yourself and care for yourself where you are at today. How do you show yourself love? Begin looking at the food you eat. Does it nourish your body? Or, do you look at it as something that makes you lose or gain weight? Are you physically active? Do you provide your body with movement and strength? Do you take time to quiet that busy mind? Perhaps with meditation, moments of gratitude, or prayer?  Do you invest in yourself with massage, cryotherapy, facials, spa days?  And possibly one of the most important, how do you care for yourself mentally/emotionally? These “blocks” that we have do not come out of nowhere, they’re deep. Many times, we need help even identifying them.

                Moving forward, instead of feeling negatively about a goal that hasn’t been achieved quite yet or an intention that was set yet not followed through on, focus on the present. Focus on who you are now and what you can do to honor YOU. Practice self-care and self-love and see what happens. Surround yourself with healthy support, resources, and a community of people who want to see you live your best life!