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Our chamber is the only one of its kind in the Midwest that is available to the general public! Our chamber does not use Nitrogen as a basis to chill the air, therefore is completely safe and allows the client to fully submerge into the chamber.

Our chamber is the only one of its kind in the Midwest that is available to the general public! Our chamber does not use Nitrogen as a basis to chill the air, therefore is completely safe and allows the client to fully submerge into the chamber.

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Our chamber is leading the modernization…

of whole body cryotherapy utilizing US manufactured walk-in cold chambers. We offer the Only True Whole Body Cryotherapy systems in the US.


Why expose yourself to hazardous liquid nitrogen when there is a safe and well established alternative at The Laya Center? We provide full service treatments with an assortment of recovery modalities to enhance your well-being. Our center delivers supreme services, superior safety, and focus carefully on the customer experience.

We’ve created Cryo Your Way™ – pricing to fit your schedule, wellness needs and budget. If you are a Cryo user, try our whole body walk-in chamber, you will never go back to nitrogen! If you are new to Cryotherapy, start with the safest, most proven systems in the world!

A study by Dr Hausswirth, et al. (France), 2013 has compared electric cooled air, walk-in chamber(s) to liquid nitrogen cooled saunas. Conclusions of the study are that WBC (Whole Body Cooling) is much more significant than PBC (Partial Body Cooling) in the activation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the system responsible for nerve function and cellular activation. Thermograms below show the measured skin temperature differences from a walk – in chamber (Group A) (-166F) to a cryo sauna (group B) (-256F). Outcomes prove that treatment effect is a direct result of uniform skin temperature reductions. WBC was statistically and significantly better in activation of the ANS and as measured by modulation markers in the blood (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine). Temperature comparisons of the systems are irrelevant. Skin temperature reductions during treatment exposure (measured in the neck, chest, and quadriceps regions) are the markers of treatment benefit. See the study here.


Conclusions of the head-to-head study comparing Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC – Electric walk-in chambers at -166°F) to Partial Body Cooling (PBC – Nitrogen saunas a -256°F) were that skin temperature drops in all regions of the body were far more significant in the WBC group. Skin temperature drops are associated with the activation of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and Autonomic Nervous Systems (ANS) causing the release of Anti-inflammatory modulating proteins (norepinepherine) as well as pain modulating endorphines. WBC showed a significantly high (+35%) plasma norepinepherine concentration compared to PBC.

What to Expect

The first step toward faster recovery and better health is to ensure you complete the Physical Readiness Questionnaire , you can print and fill it out at home or use our tablet when you arrive for your appointment. The process takes under 5 minutes (so please arrive early), and is important in identifying any health conditions which may preclude you from using our whole body cryotherapy chamber.

After completing the check-in, a receptionist will review the various US Cryotherapy service offerings which include: whole body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy (targeted spot treatments), Infrared Sauna, Vibration Plates, Normatec Compression and Facial Rejuvenation. Every treatment and service offered throughout our center is managed by a recovery specialist. If needed, we have lockers and rooms to change into proper attire (see What to Wear).

Ready to begin your treatments? You will be given a full explanation of the process, benefits and safety instructions by a certified staff member to ensure an optimal experience. Prior to chamber entry, you will be provided with necessary protective wear (see What to Wear). Our whole body cryotherapy chambers can accommodate two users at one time, so bring a family member to share your experience.

Cold air therapy in the whole body chamber is a dry fresh, oxygenated air — due to the lack of moisture (humidity), and is not painful like an ice bath or immersion. During the treatment, your skin temperature will decrease between 30-45 degrees over 2.5 to 3.5 minutes inside the chamber. All first time customers start at 2.5 minutes. At The Laya Center, we record every treatment in our database. We measure skin temperatures before and after treatments which allows us to make recommendations for your future treatment exposure times. Individuals, based on BMI and vascularity, respond differently to cold and skin temps vary. You will immediately warm after exiting the chamber, with full range of motion in your muscles and joints, unlike water or ice treatments, where the joints remain stiff for hours. Even if you don’t like being cold, this process will rejuvenate your body, skin and mind, and you will leave feeling warmer than when you arrived.

During your experience you will listen to music to pass the time and an attendant will be monitoring your every movement outside the chamber. The chamber doors are incapable of locking, so if you feel uncomfortable, you can easily exit the chamber at any time. If you are intimidated about going alone, no worries, our friendly staff is always available to go in with you, and most often at our centers, there’s a member always willing to introduce a first time visitor as a companion inside the chamber.  Since our chamber is natural, staff can go in multiple time a day!

What to Wear

Because of the exposure to extremely cold temperatures, there are mandatory requirements for apparel to be worn in the chamber. You should arrive in or bring the following gym attire:

Men recommended: (swimsuit or shorts, socks, and gym shoes).

Women recommended: (swimsuit or shorts and sports bra, socks and gym shoes).

If you do not have gym shoes or socks, we provide slippers and socks in various sizes for your use. The Laya Center will also provide a complimentary pair of gloves for your use at the chamber. You will be provided a headband or beanie to cover your ears, and a respiratory mask to cover your mouth and nose.  You will have covering for your (fingers, toes, nose & ears) which is simply precautionary. Disposable shorts are available for those who drop in unprepared.

This short duration of exposure would be safe even without the protective apparel. However, we insist that you wear the mandatory cover for your protection and comfort to maximize the benefits of your experience. Cooling these small vessel areas is not vital to the systemic reaction you will receive from the whole body skin cooling.


Heavy exercise or showering just prior to chamber treatment is not recommended, and do not apply lotions, oils, cologne or any alcohol based products just prior to treatment. A simple towel wiping the skin dry of any perspiration or oils will suffice. Makeup or deodorant on the skin are not a concern.



The Laya Team Cares About Your Safety:

  • No Damp Socks or Clothing (Loaner apparel available upon request)

  • Gloves, Footwear, Tube Socks, Mask, and Ear Protection Required

  • Remove Ointments or Lotions

  • Do Not Touch Walls with Bare Skin

  • Relaxed Breathing and Movements

  • Remove or Cover Jewelry

  • Horseplay Strictly Prohibited

  • You Can Exit Chamber at Any Time

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