The 12 Amazing Benefits of Honeysuckle & Why Now Is The Time To Use It!

I’m sure plenty of you have seen and smelled this amazing plant in your yard or down a side road. The alluring fragrance just grabs you by the nose and makes you close your eyes in gratitude of such things that nature produces. But do you know that this fragrant plant has some pretty amazing qualities nestled down in that nectar???

A couple of months ago we took our kids out in the backyard to harvest those little sweet petals. They were right at home in nature, competing against one another on who would pick the most and get the most cash! Yes, I pay my kids to help me harvest. It not only teaches them about the plant and the natural flow of the economy, but it also teaches them the benefits of hard work.

Honeysuckle harvest.

Honeysuckle harvest.

The kids foraging for Honeysuckle.

The kids foraging for Honeysuckle.

Ground down, bury your feet in the dirt… be healed & bloom!

After nearly 3 months of extracting the medicinal properties from the Honeysuckle flowers we have medicine! In an effort to create a bond within our body, we always take tinctures that we make. It is believed that once your body has a relationship with a plant, it will always know how to use it.

Honeysuckle plant and tincture_ the laya center

The 12 benefits of Honeysuckle…

and why now is the time to get you some. A prepared body is a healthy body. Make sure you’re prepared!

There are quite a few benefits to using honeysuckle for natural healing, including its ability to manage blood sugar levels, treat symptoms of nausea, and reduce inflammation throughout the body, among others.

  1. Soothe inflammation in the body, thus reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

  2. Optimize the digestive system and treat symptoms of nausea, indigestion, constipation, enteritis, and bloating.

  3. Treat pneumonia, swine flu, and swelling of the brain (encephalitis).

  4. Help to reduce your risk of cancer thanks to the extensive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory profile found in these flowers and berries.

  5. Clear up skin inflammation and conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea.

  6. Improve the body’s immune response to reduce infection and vulnerability to disease.

  7. Helps to prevent & remedy cold and flu symptoms.

  8. Manage blood sugar levels to lower your risk of developing diabetes.

  9. Apply a tincture of infusion to boils in order to reduce their size and treat the pain.

  10. Honeysuckle tea can eliminate inflammation in the respiratory tracts associated with bronchitis and sore throat.

  11. If you are experiencing swelling of the brain, a honeysuckle infusion can lower the pressure and normalize blood pressure.

  12. Pneumonia can be a deadly infection of the lungs, but honeysuckle has been linked to improving respiratory health, even during serious infections.

As we head into the last days of summer, we must protect our body’s immune system. Starting a Honeysuckle tincture now may be all the difference in how many sick days you and your family suffer through this fall. It is better to be prepared and to start the relationship with Honeysuckle now. It may even help to protect the skin during a harsh winter… which I hear we very well may be experiencing this year.

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