Live in color!

From the foods you eat to the colors in your home… every aspect of color should be carefully selected. Just as we are affected by the colors we wear or surround ourselves with, so too are we affected by the energy of the food we eat.

Foods color vibration not only appears to relate to various parts of the body but to the chakras as well. So just as we incorporate Crystal Therapy into our worlds as described in my book A Sista’s Healing Guide to Crystals, what we ingest heals our body physically and energetically. In other words, when we ingest the appropriate color vibrations of food, it serves to maintain health, to activate and heal, and to balance the chakras.

For example, plums have a red and yellow vibration but when dried into prunes they gain a purple vibration. Therefore prunes can be used to balance the third eye chakra and crown chakra and it can have a positive effect on the solar plexus area of the body, which relates to the elimination of body wastes.

A fig has both a yellow and purple vibration. The humble potato has a white and blue vibration. The white and brown vibration of mushrooms are good for balancing and grounding one's energy.

More often than not, the more colorful the ingredients of a meal, the greater the nutritional value.

Therefore it would be beneficial to you if you developed "Rainbow" eating which is very simple when you follow a few simple rules.

When you prepare a meal, note the ingredients and if necessary add more colors.

Below I speak about the Colors of Life and what it means to incorporate these vibrations for healthy living.

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.
— Marcus Aurelius