Sacred Yoni Steam

Yoni Steaming and sacred womb care for fertility, tighten the vagina and tone the walls, heal the womb.

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It's all about you...

We make a call to the women of the world to walk the path of healing — to return to the ways of the Sacred Feminine: to look within to find the source of your feminine identity, essence and self. Look within to heal and find the truth of your voice, wisdom and heart.

The Laya Center means Freedom... therefore, we are offering women the freedom to enter into a safe and harmonious place, to support and nourish the divine female spirit, empowering female connection, allowing for relaxation, restoration, rejuvenation, replenishment and recovering all that is, and just to “be”.
Come as you are, as you are enough.

I have never been to a Spa like this, I want to live here. This place is magical
— Tanya

Awaken your Inner Sacred Goddess with our Yoni Experience!

What is the Yoni?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitalia, the Womb and Vagina. It literally means “sacred place” and symbolizes our divine nature and its sacred portal to life. In ancient Chinese Taoist tradition it is also referred to as “golden lotus”, “gates of paradise”, “sexual palace”, “precious pearl”, “treasure”. How do you feel to refer to your vagina, to the depth of your body’s wisdom and intelligence as a “sacred place”? Would you prefer a step down and terms such as “p*ssy”, “down there”, ‘kitty” and so on….  Doesn’t this make you feel already  absolutely magical and divine?

What is a Yoni Steam?

Gently steaming the yoni with healing herbs is a very simple, effective and ancient tradition. Generations of women from many indigenous cultures through centuries have been passing down this sacred ritual to energetically, emotionally and physically cleanse and nourish their yoni and awaken their Feminine Essence. During a Yoni Steam, you allow the warmth of selected and organic herbal steam to permeate and relax the sexual organs and womb. Our herbal blends consist of Healing, Tone & Tighten, and Fertility!

NEW!!! We just added a new Yoni Steam for Urinary Health!

Breath and Sound magnify the power of this shift in perception of being a woman deeply rooted and grounded in your body and sexuality, connected to the mysteries and depth of your own womb, the Womb of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Womb.

To capture all the benefits of this sacred practice, we recommend adding an Intention Box, Yoni Egg, and Crystal Chakra Meditation Set for at-home care. You may also purchase our Yoni Herbs for at-home steaming. Don't know how to use these? Just ask us!

Now you can book a Yoni Experience that comes with the Yoni Steam, Crystal Necklace and Yoni Egg for only $95.


monthly yoni steams are recommended for all women who suffer from endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroid tumors, traumatic womb, birth of a child & more! we now have an option to purchase a 6 month bundle at a discounted price!

Harness Your Power

We have so much going on at The Laya Center to feed your mind, body, and spirit! Whether you're passing through town and need some relaxation or want a Day Retreat to help you escape the stress in your life... we've got you covered!

Women are capable of expressing many different facets of their personalities. We are Wife, Mother, Lover, Daughter, Warrior, Teacher, Sister, Friend, Healer and so much more. Just as the moon waxes and wanes throughout the month... so do you. You experience different moods, desires and aspects of yourself depending upon where you are in your menstrual cycle.

As a woman, you have been affected by threads of conditioning, which has been passed down through the maternal ancestral line of your mother. This blueprint is how you react with relationships you have with everything and everyone, especially yourself. Even your relationship with money is affected by those experiences and the genetic DNA that was passed down through the female line. We are linked to these women; to their trauma, pain, and suffering but also to their strength, courage, resourcefulness and wisdom.

Did you know that that in ancient cultures our ancestors understood that a woman’s bleeding time was a sacred time? They knew the importance of allowing each woman to have her Sacred Space during this time of re-connection, because women were the carriers of abundance and fertility. As part of many tribal traditions, a young woman's menarche was also celebrated with a ceremony, to recognize and honor her first blood.


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The Wisdom of Mother Nature

Step inside and connect with the 'Mother Nature' inside of you. Our Yoni service is given in our amazingly nurturing Nature Room. Here you will find peace and tranquility as you relax and let the mix of "Womb Herbs" heal your most sacred place!

Soothe and revitalize your reproductive system with the ancient practice of yoni steaming.

For millennia, women have shared this knowledge amongst one another, inspiring each other to connect with, love and heal our bodies. Today, countless women are rediscovering the practice, along with its vast and varied benefits. Yoni steams have been found throughout history to:

-Significantly reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.
-Decrease menstrual flow as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses.
-Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles.
-Increase fertility, especially when combined with ATMAT
-Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth.
-Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis.
-Assist with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar.
-Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids.
-Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and works to maintain healthy odor.
-Relieve symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain during intercourse.
-Detoxify the womb and remove toxins from the body.
-Release stored emotions and tap into the energy that is our creative potential.

Many reproductive challenges such as menstrual cramps and infertility are caused when there is excess build up of uterine lining that was not shed in previous cycles “encrusted” to the inside of the uterus. Because this material is built up over time, the uterus and the muscles around it work excessively hard to shed it, often causing pain and fatigue. A yoni steam works by applying gentle heat, as well as moisture that carries medicinal plant oils, to the exterior tissues of the vagina (the tissue referred to as the vulva). The warmth and moisture increases circulation to the vulva, causing it to swell and expose the inner labial mucus membranes. These tissues are very porous and absorbent, allowing the bloodstream to pick up the medicinal oils and and carry them into the inner reproductive system, including the uterus. There, they work to help the uterus cleanse and release what is built up on its lining, ensuring that the next cycle is easy and pain-free, helping an egg to implant, and reducing other uterine abnormalities. The result is a healthier, more pleasant cycle and a more connected woman.