Work Trade Program

 Work Trade Program

We would love to create a dedicated Freelancer staff for our new program! If you love what we do and are looking to embark on a Wellness Journey of your own… we may be able to help each other.

Our Milestone Star Program

Your Trade hours will be logged in Stars. 10 Stars is equal to 1 logged/approved hour of freelancing. Additional project deliverables yield additional stars. Stars are traded through our company Loyalty system for services and discounts!


milestone deliverable

Per Hour Logged

Per Project/Contract

Other Variable (custom to Freelancer)



10 Stars

25 Stars

20 Stars


*Stars logged for specific projects, contracts, etc. are in addition to hours.



4 STARS :: 10% off entire sale

10 STARS :: $10 Off your next purchase.

20 STARS :: 50% off one Cryo Duo - Cryo with a Friend - One Time

25 STARS :: $20.00 off entire sale

30 STARS :: One free Herbal Clinician - Initial Consultation

50 STARS :: One free Acai + Collagen :: Herban Beauty - 32 oz.

50 STARS :: 50% off 2 qualifying items

100 STARS :: One free Energy Therapies - Cleansing Ritual


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