Wellness Packages & Series

Get the results you want by committing to a series of services over a specified amount of time!

Experience younger skin... naturally!

Experience younger skin... naturally!

The Forever Young series


Introducing our Forever Young (non-surgical) Rejuvenation Series. Our Ayurvedic Face & Body treatments help to restore natural defense and healing properties that turn back the hands of time. This is rejuvenation at its best... this is Laya Living!

Rejuvenate the mind and body!

Rejuvenate the mind and body!

True Whole body cryo series

SAVE $150

Burn up to 800 calories each time you Cryo. Come in every day or twice per month to rejuvenate the body and reset all of your body's functions. This technology has never been more accessible or affordable.

This intense detox is the ultimate in contrast therapy!

This intense detox is the ultimate in contrast therapy!

Cryo + sauna therapy series

This is the ultimate contrast therapy!  It is nothing like you've ever experienced before. Chill your body in -150 degrees to reset the blood flow and boost metabolism, then go the polar opposite in 150 degrees ... detoxifying on a cellular level and burning up to 1300 calories in all.

bride getting ready for wedding day

Be Well... Bridal Edition $850

Get the ultimate in holistic care as you prepare for your big day!

Your Bridal Month will consist of:

A Weekly Facial Series w/ Jade Stones and CryoFacial Rejuvenation™

A Weekly Detox Series (CryoSauna)

1 Chakra Balancing Therapy

1 Yoni Steam

1 Massage

1 Bikini Wax

Unlimited Yoga

1 Guided Meditation + Access to our Meditation Room for Self - Guided