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Women of the Mesa

Trujillo, New Mexico

September 4 - 9, 2018 $175


Join the students of PrairieWise Herbal School on a journey quest to the great mesas of the southwest.  First, we camp on an amazing mesa face at about 6700 feet above sea level. It takes some time to adjust to the altitude and the wind that can blow constantly. We have herbs to help both before we leave and while there. We honor many cultures throughout the weekend.  We will construct a plant mandala from the local plants and weave a web that holds us tight as we explore our inner selves.

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  • Breathe in the dry air of the southwest

  • Learn about plants that thrive in this environment, as you will

  • Allow your creative self to explore and create

  • Inclusive Sweat Lodge, honoring all traditions

  • Amazing eclectic wisewomen to guide the journey

    • Our host:  Pam Romero

    • Regina Compernolle

    • Annaleah Brown

    • Kahla Rowan


Trip Itinerary

day 1 (September 4)

Group arrives and sets up camp. Camp responsibilities assigned.

day 2 (September 5)

Acclimation Day – We start with breakfast and a talking stick then head to Las Vegas (NM) for shopping (herb shop and local artists), lunch and a dip in the local hot springs by the Gallinas River and, then, back to camp. Bring your swimsuit.

day 3 (September 6)

After breakfast, we head to the wide open field, lush with local plants.  Many forms of Indian paintbrush grow here and while we do not make internal medicine from these plants, we certainly will co-create with them in our mandala and in ceremony.  The afternoon will have classes chakra energy, a bit of drumming and other areas of interest to the group.

day 4 & 5 (september 7-8)

These days will alternate by the group number you are assigned to after registration.  One group will work with Pam & Annaleah preparing for their sweat lodge that evening; there is much to be done in preparation.  The other group will be with Regina and Kahla, cooking a feast meal and making camp safe for the sweat participants. Then, on Saturday, we switch it up.

day 6 (September 9)

We gather on the mesa at sunrise for talking stick, then, breakfast and our farewells.  This is a travel day back home.


2017 New Mexico Group

Wild, Native Horses on the Prairie

Bathing in Prism Energy - Dwan Light Sanctuary at The International School in Las Vegas, New Mexico. It’s on the first day tour.


Prepare for your trip

Expect warm days, cool nights, maybe, rain, maybe not.  

Potable water is available.  Daily Brews each day for mineral replacement.

Upon registration, you will receive a specific What to Bring Along list and what food contributions to bring, too. Plus, a map to our location.

Cost of the Field Trip, $175.  Early bird, before August 1 $155, August 1-September 1 - $175, after September 1, $195.



Included in the field trip fee is your tent space, and teachers to help you navigate this land and your experiences within it.


You may cancel within 3 days of registration for a full refund.

Cancel before August 1, 2018 for a 50% refund.

No refunds after July 1, 2018.