Now is the time to reclaim your life! Practice self-care and let us help you along your journey. Experience personalized quarterly coaching assessments, detox services, custom products tailored to your condition and a wealth of knowledge along the way!

Plans start at only $100/mo.

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Start by analyzing behavior, symptoms, and cycles. Take the Mind-Body Assessment and the Dosha Quiz, plus discuss some key components to moving to the next step on your wellness journey. Discover the core identifiers and get to the root of the issue. You will detox the body, align the spirit and focus the mind. Start with our standard products to replenish vitality in the body.


After the Detox Phase then we move on to the second phase of the Wellness Series. This is the 3 month mark. During Phase II of the process we will tailor the herbal treatments to fit the lifestyle of the client in order to tackle the issues head on. For the next 3 months the client may choose to incorporate a detailed meal plan, mindfulness, or services for additional cost, this may be predetermined and taken into account at the beginning of the plan (to cut costs) or planned along the way. Ayurveda is heavily relied on and implemented into services at at-home self care. Included in the plan is another 3 month supply of natural remedies and replenishment. At the 6 month mark, another detox is required along with a detailed assessment of the progress. Clients meet with the herbalist and wellness coach. The plan is amended if necessary and a daily regimen is applied, complete with custom care products.

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Welcome to Restoration! Health & peace of mind is restored and there has been much education along the way. The final 3 months of the plan are filled with a wealth of knowledge and a restored sense of power! Your custom plan includes 3 more months of Natural herbs and restorative remedies. Self care is a routine and implementing total wellness in your life is a breeze. You’ve made a commitment to stick to this and your life is changed forever.