Fixed Candles

Fixed Candles

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Fixed candles, also known as prayer candles, get their name because a particular purpose is “fixed” into them. The Laya Apothecary has a beautiful array of glass fixed candles. These candles may burn anywhere from 4-7 days depending on how strong the intention is being translated into the energy of the fire. We will also custom make a prayer candle for you with words tailored to your specific need. We will then bless it with an herbal blend of plant material and essential oils for you, empowering the candle with the wisdom of nature. Please fill out form for special candles and choose "Custom!"

If you order this online, please email us to let us know to what purpose we should dedicate the candle. Also please attach any particular image you wish to have on the candle in the highest resolution possible (please and take note of any usage or copyright restrictions). You will receive a candle designed by us and blessed to support your purpose.

If you do not wish to do the working yourself, we will set the lights for you and move the energy as you specify. This includes blessing and dressing the custom candle to your purposes, burning the candle on our personal altar, monitoring the process, and then sending you photos of the candle burning and after the work is concluded, complete with a report of the burning process.

Email us for more information on this process and to specify your goals for the work.  

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