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Clinical Meditation: A Journey to Wellness

A community of people on a journey to wellness!

Join the conversation and start your journey to wellness with a mindful transformation into a healthy lifestyle. Discuss topics that plague your health and get real answers from our Holistic RN/Wellness Coach, Herbal clinician and Fitness Expert! Let's build a healthy community... together!

Clinical Meditation is a form of therapy that can be used for a large number of physical / psychological / psychiatric ailments. For centuries meditation was considered a type of religious practice, forgetting its clinical aspect. A large body of research highlights the clinical value of meditation.

Enhances neuron connectivity in the brain positively changing the brain chemistry.
Changes the brain structures predominantly increasing the cortical thickness and cerebral blood flow.
Balances the body’s homeostatic system.
Treats anxiety disorders and depression.
Stress breaker.
Helps to decrease stress hormones in the body.
Techniques are indicated in chronic pain. Meditation strengthens the immune system.
It facilitates positive emotions enhancing memory and attention.

Meditation brings beneficial changes to physical and mental health and it can be used for overall wellness. However meditation remains an under-utilized therapeutic mode in the medical profession.

What is your leading cause of illness? How can a Holistic approach to wellness aid in your ability to heal? Get to the root cause! Through an informative class and the implementation of breathing exercises and vibrational elements, let's begin to heal together.

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