a mother's love, cait njogu

After my mom passed away when I was 14, life obviously took a very sharp turn. I was lost. For years. I was reminded of this recently when we had a very heartfelt and open discussion about grief during our meditation class at The Laya Center. The love and support in the room was palpable, and it brought up a lot of emotion. And for myself, emotion is a beautiful thing and should be for all. Feelings, good or bad, are a gift. They allow us to process and be human. I’m not a grief expert, but I know from experience that not allowing yourself to “feel” and process heavy stuff is a path to self-destruction and a block to healing. That emotional burden can also bring on health issues and disease. When we don’t allow ourselves to be in a vulnerable place to hurt, to grieve, to cry, to be angry, we become numb. It’s toxic. We fill that void, that place in our heart that aches with food, alcohol, material items, unhealthy relationships, and so on. Those feelings are intense and scary. Who wants to hurt or cry? It’s difficult. However, on the other side of those dark moments of the soul, there’s light. There’s healing. There’s growth. It took me YEARS to grieve in a healthy manner, and I mean years.

But when I started, it broke open a new life for me.

...A New Beginning.

My healing began when I realized I needed to approach my life in a more Holistic manor. Mind, body, and spirit. Every element needed care and balance in one way or another. One of the most beneficial therapies that I found for healing was Energy Medicine. I tried Reiki and had my Chakras balanced which promoted physical and mental wellness and helped release negative energy. I was also able to identify what areas I needed to work on. I began doing yoga to help heal and strengthen physically and spiritually. Meditation classes and guided meditation aided me in the process of relaxation, balance, peace, and remaining present. I incorporated all of these tools into my life including more physical fitness and a better diet, and it has not been the same since. You would be amazed at the doors that open with an open mind and heart!

Through my journey of healing and self care, I also gained a great deal of knowledge and experience that I wanted to share with others. This led me to The Laya Center. Immediately after I arrived there for the first time, I benefited from the positive energy in the Center. It’s a unique place of healing, knowledge, support and a lot of laughter! It’s hard not to feel good after spending time there. However, the best part is seeing the individual and personalized care directed to each client. It’s truly community minded.  

With all this being said, please keep in mind that grief can occur in many ways- the loss of a job, moving, divorce or another kind of relationship ending, death, a health crisis... Remember it’s ok to feel, it’s healthy, it’s strong to feel! Seek support, a community and know that’s ok, it’s a healthy coping mechanism. Take care of yourself and explore different options to aid in healing.

The doors that will open will lead to FREEDOM!
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Begin the steps of true healing...

all you need is community and a will to change some thingsin your life. the mind is absolutely powerful and where the  mind goes... the body will follow!

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