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For anyone who has taken his or her physical and mental activity to a higher level. If you experience muscle fatigue, soreness, mental stress, or simply demand more from your mind and body, Receptra Active Lifestyle will give you the edge that you have been looking for.

A proprietary blend of all-natural performance and recovery enhancing ingredients will keep you energized and focused throughout your day. Available in concentrations, Active, Elite & Pro, there is an option for every active lifestyle.

NOT your average CBD!

Receptra Active Lifestyle is thoughtfully created to assist your body’s pursuit of homeostasis by stimulating the human endocannabinoid system. Receptra Active Lifestyle is derived from proprietary hemp genetics 100% grown on family owned farms in Colorado. We only use the highest quality hand-picked hemp flower to ensure a premium and safe full-profile cannabinoid extract.

Attack muscle and joint irritation with Receptra™ Targeted Topical. Physically demanding lifestyles put our bodies through a gauntlet of stress that can limit performance during all stages of exercise. With Receptra Targeted Topical, you can instantly fend off muscle and joint irritation, to keep your body in go mode!

  • 400+mg CBD per 1.25 oz

  • Instantly targets muscle and joint irritation

  • Naturally scented with soothing jasmine and Ylang Ylang to relax your mind and body

  • Protects and strengthens skin

  • Non-toxic, non-addictive and non-psychoactive 

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The Sacred Yoni Experience: At Home Kit

The Yoni Steam is a natural and gentle holistic approach to vaginal steaming. This form of hydrotherapy utilizes herbal infusions from mother earth into a warm relaxing bath that you sit over and allow to cleanse and detox your vagina, cervix, uterus and entire reproductive system.

Don’t have a Yoni Steam facility near you? Can’t get to The Laya Center to experience the ambiance of our nature room? Now you can experience this in the comfort of your own home! We now have Yoni Steaming basins that you could use to transform your bathroom into a mini spa! Let the sacred wisdom of the herbs heal your womb, nourish your spirit and add pleasure to your sexual encounters.


  • Yoni Steaming Basin

  • Yoni Steaming Herb of your choice. (up to 3 steams per pkg)

  • Infused vaginal oil (external use)

Optional Yoni Eggs may be purchased separately!

Herbal Blends:
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A Sista's Healing Guide To Crystals (iPad, iPhone, Android)
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A Sista's Healing Guide To Crystals (iPad, iPhone, Android)

A guide to healing the body and energy field with the use of Crystals.

Viewable on Apple iPad® or Android devices. You can also view it in desktop applications.

Once you've downloaded it, open it up and see how it looks on your iPad or Kindle. Keep in mind you may need to install a reader app on your iOS or Kindle device to view your book.

Opening and reading on an iOS device

  1. Open this email on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

  2. If you do not have the free Apple iBooks app, you’ll need to install it before downloading your book.

  3. Follow the link to get the book:
    (This link will expire in 48 hours, after which you will be prompted to log in.)

  4. Safari will open and begin downloading the ebook to your device.

  5. When the download is complete, you will get the option to “Open in iBooks.” Tap this button once.

  6. iBooks will launch, import your ebook, and open it. Enjoy!

Tips for easier viewing

  • Connect to Wi-Fi: Image-rich ebooks can be quite large, so downloading and importing them to iBooks can take several minutes.

  • Make room: Be sure you have enough free space on your device or the download may fail.

  • Be patient: iBooks gives you very little feedback while it’s opening the file, so you might want to wait and check your device after a few minutes.

  • Look in iBooks: Can’t find your book? Make sure you’re not in the PDFs Collection. Just tap the Collections button in your iBooks library.

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Yoni Eggs
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Vape Bright Pure CBD
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Vape Bright Pure CBD
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Safe, pure and natural, Vape Bright is the fastest, most effective way to access the medicinal benefits of CBD, so you feel brighter, sharper and ready to go.

Vape Bright is the prime choice for those seeking a straightforward, potent, and consistent experience with phytocannabinoid-rich vape cartridges. With their 1mg of CBD per inhale standard, Vape Bright’s pure extra-strength CBD oil cartridges are head and shoulders above most vaping options – and a true therapeutic option.

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