Ayurvedic Therapy

Sickness results when imbalance manifests. Our therapies are designed specifically for relieving symptoms of disease as well as the life-long adherence to diet and lifestyle rituals intended to facilitate health-promoting balance in the individual.

An individual’s diet will reflect the time of year, his/her constitution, and doshic imbalances that affect him/her.

An individual’s diet will reflect the time of year, his/her constitution, and doshic imbalances that affect him/her.

Abhyanga (localized)

45 MINUTES $75

A focus on the head, ears, and feet. The benefits of this mini-treatment are:

  • Prevents headache

  • Prevents hair falling, early graying, or balding

  • Hair becomes strong and long

  • Brightens facial skin

  • Promotes sound sleep

  • Prevents ear problems, ringing in the ears

  • Prevents stiffness in the neck

  • Improves hearing

  • prevents headaches

  • Prevents hardness, stiffness, roughness, tiredness, and sensitivity to touch

  • Increases foot strength

  • Improves eyesight

  • Promotes sleep

  • Has an aphrodisiac effect

Udwarthanam - 4 Hands

Udwarthanam - 4 Hands

Golden Mylk Massage (4 handed Udwarthanam, dry or wet)

45 MINUTES $150

This is offered as a Dry Massage using powders or a Wet massage using herbal paste. Formally called Udwarthanam, this massage has a forceful technique that eliminates adipose tissue deposits, strengthens muscles, purifies skin, and reduces cellulite.

This treatment clears obstruction of channels in the body such as Kapha aggravation, heaviness, stagnation, sluggishness, blockages, and stickiness. It is also good for working against obesity.

This service should not be performed on… children under 10, adults over 70, pregnant women, chronic Vata or Pitta disorders, Athikrisa (lean individuals). We will try our best to clean off the pastes, but please wear something that you don’t mind getting stained, as we are working with Turmeric and other herbs that may stain skin & clothing.

Ayurveda Massage w/ Abhyanga

120 minutes $250

Oil massage is consistently used throughout Ayurvedic massage w/ cranial work. Its calm approach means that recipients are not only induced into a relaxed state during the massage, they also often report an improvement in their sleep patterns and general sense of wellbeing. In an ideal world, Ayurvedic massage would be carried out daily to help keep at bay the effects that everyday stresses and strains can have on our minds and bodies. You may choose to add Swedana to your treatment. Swedana is the process of inducing sweat with the help of steam, generated from medicated herbal decoctions.

Infused Oils specific to Dosha, holding trigger points, therapeutic touch!

Natal-Abhyanga (pre/post natal)

90 MINUTES $140

Not recommended in first Trimester of pregnancy. For postnatal therapy Abhyanga is safe after 10 days of vaginal delivery and 15 days after Cesarean delivery. This therapeutic service relieves tiredness, induces good vision, nourishes the body, helps to prolong life, supports sound sleep, and strengthens all the systems.


Eranda patra for Upanaha Swedam

Upanaha Swedam

60 MINUTES $110

This is Swedana (Steam Bath) with the help of wrapping the body parts with medicinal paste & leaves. The first part of this therapeutic healing session is spent spreading medicinal paste and wrapping the body. Then you will immerse in the steam from your decoction of herbs. After removing the paste, you are then given a gentle massage with warm, medicated oils.

This technique is developed for the relief of painful conditions in tendons, joints, and vessels. Clients with Arthritis & poly-Arthritis should consider this as a method of healing.



45 MINUTES $90

Intensify your Herbal Steam Bath with highly concentrated Ayurvedic herbs formulated to restore prana. Start with a generous full body pour with our medicated oils. Then steam with Leaves & roots for rheumatic, joint, and muscle issues. This Oleation + Sudation therapy increases your digestive power, relieves fatigue, strengthens joints, and improves circulation.

Steam therapy integrates the characteristics of water bath, medicine bath, steam bath, and herbal medicines of Tibet, directly acting on blood vessels, advancing blood circulation, dredging meridians, reconciling Qi and blood, expelling toxins, removing blood stasis, and directly absorbing the benefits of the carefully selected medicinal herbs.

The spine plays a vital role, which can be targeted during this treatment. It’s an ideal point for stimulation with heat since all nerve connections are passing through this channel. Herbal steam with its gentle heat is quickly absorbed by the skin. Its medicinal functions and warmth are directed to stimulate the meridians, an energy channel with over 400 acupuncture points transporting the qi life-energy.

Herbal Remedies

initial 90 minutes $75•follow ups 30 minutes $35

Herbal medicine is used to treat many conditions, such as allergies, asthma, eczema, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, menopausal symptoms, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer, among others. It is best to take herbal supplements under the guidance of a trained provider.






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