Friendly and eager to help and heal. This is a true place of comfort and wellness. They always have the patrons best interest at heart. Love it and I recommend everyone to check this place out and see what they to offer. You will not be disappointed.

Anya Hollis

This spa is beautiful and the services are great! I got a great deep tissue massage from Matt today as well as spot cryotherapy on my knee and I feel great. I will be back for sure! ~ Aja James

I did cryotherapy and received a facial today and absolutely loved the whole experience! Can't wait to go back!

~ Mallory Jansen

Flexy Body Babes

Our Facilities

What you "sense" plays a major part in your well-being! We spend time each day making sure that when you enter our space, you get a good sense of being well. From the "no shoe" environment, to the well thought out scents we burn, and the controlled air in some of our rooms. Each room holds a different temperature, smell, texture, color and ambiance. Many don't realize that the healing starts as soon as you step off the elevator.  Drop by or check out our  Virtual Tour.

Your Overall Health Destination... This is Wellness Redefined!



What We Do

The Laya Center is a Holistic Wellness Destination in Downtown Kansas City, owned by NFL Veteran, Joe Mays, and his Designer/Herbalist wife, Toyia. This New-Age Spa specializes in injury recovery, the implementation of natural restoration therapies, biomechanics & functional movement. Mays has developed a customized program to organically detox the whole individual in order to clear blockages energetically. This opens up the possibilities of expanding creativity, mental strength, physical abilities and eliminating health concerns. This training technique realigns the mind, body, soul and spirit in order to elevate and propel you to your highest potential.   that give our clients a "Holistic Performance Edge" in every aspect of their being.  In corporations, helping their employees open all channels of creativity and therefore propel productivity.  They will take on entrepreneurial roles within a company, tapping into the maximum potential of the individual.
Our mission is to restore the athlete's ability to heal naturally by implementing Holistic & Ayurvedic treatments fused with Integrative Technology!

We have the only true Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber in the Midwest!

Joe is a veteran NFL player who is well respected around the league. He has played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, and San Diego Chargers. His love for the game and true dedication to its demands led Joe to delve deep into high peak performance training. The development of these skills transcend from physical to mental and beyond.

After pain in my legs for 3 weeks i tried the Whole Body Cryo treatment. It was extremely cold. After the treatment i felt energized and the pain in my foot subsided despite having a fracture. I also used the spot cryo on my shoulder after throwing it out on the job. Matt did trigger point along with the Cryo and i can lift my arm today.

Eddie Koski

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